About us

Coderdojo Gateshead at the makerplace of Gateshead Central Library 

We run our Coderdojo typically on the 2nd Saturday of every month from 10:30am to 12:20pm from the Makerplace @ Gateshead Central Library

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Our Club Volunteers

Gateshead Coderdojo is proudly run by our 2 champions, 1 from industry and 1 from the library as well as some wonderful mentors from the electric vehicle industry, and DevOps.

Dani Walsh, Global Cybersecurity Manager @ BorgWarner Inc

Co-Champion (Technical)

Jacqui Thompson, Library Staff @ Gateshead Central Library

Co-champion (Library)

Paul Shipley, Software Engineering Lead @ Turntide Technologies

Long-term Mentor

Scott Harwood, Delivery Engineer @ CEF

Long-term Mentor