About the CoderDojo NE Points System!

{ What is this all about? }

So this is our CoderDojo North East Points website that is completely made by the volunteers (champions and mentors) of the code clubs in the North East. We have built this application to help manage and award the progress of everyone who comes to our clubs.

What is CoderDojo North East?

CoderDojo NE is just a community of code clubs in the North East of England. We are all independent code clubs under the rules of CoderDojo and our promise to the charter. We are free, volunteer run and available for young folk between 6 and 16.

< Where are our clubs? >

Our clubs are in the North East of England, UK! See our map!

CoderDojo NE is in Newcastle, Gateshead and Durham

Which clubs use this() ? ;

  • CoderDojo Gateshead
  • CoderDojo Clayport Library
  • CoderDojo Akley Heads
  • CoderDojo Centre for Life