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Welcome to the CoderDojo NE Points System!

built by your champions and mentors

  • Online Central Hub

    Here is your hub for tracking, awarding and seeing how you are progressing as a coding ninja.

  • Earning Points

    Earn points by doing activities such as the Coderdojo Badges, your own projects and even helping us out tidying up!

  • Points to Belts

    Turn your points into belts! From WHITE TO BLACK!

What is the CoderDojo NE Points System?

Coding Ninjas can sign up, earn points for coding ACTIVITIES and transfer points for belts.

We also reward softer skills, like mentoring and helping the CoderDojos to tidy up at the end!

CoderDojo NE is a virtual community for the CoderDojos in the North East of England. We abide by the rules of the CoderDojo Charter (

OK, sounds great! How do I join?

If you plan to or come to a CoderDojo in the North East of England (UK) then you can register < here>. If you’re over 16, you do not need to ask your parents’ permission in order for your account to be verified. When you register online, you will need to:

  1. Pick an alias (your username!).
  2. Provide your name and date of birth.
  3. Nominate a parent/guardian to verify your account if you’re under 16.
  4. Tell us which belt you are currently on if applicable.
  5. Elect a Coderdojo in the NE to be your primary club so you can receive badges and belts at a CoderDojo. For example, if you most often attend Gateshead Library, you can choose Gateshead to be your nominated Dojo to receive your belts/badges.

    - When you register, your data falls under the protection of our Privacy Policy.

Where do I start?

Once you’ve registered and been verified, you can log in and at the current time:

  • See how many points you have
  • What belt you are on
  • How you are doing in our global leader board
  • See how to earn points
  • View all activities you can do to earn points.
  • Submit an activity to earn points.

How do I add my code club?

Contact us!


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