What is a Coderdojo?

We are volunteer-run, tech obsessed geeks and parents who help to run free code clubs (dojos) for our young kids and teens. We run them around the North east out of libraries, church halls and anywhere that will have us.


Between the volunteers, the club champions and kids there is so much to learn about cybersecurity, games, programming and building your own websites. Most of our volunteers have both skills and passion in STEM subjects.

But why?!

Today’s modern world brings us both the beauty and the beast with technology and we want to empower and develop the skills of the community to improve the relationships with technology.


We are the group of coderdojos that are running the north east.

We are a CODERDOJO group which is part of the Raspberry Pi foundation. Coderdojo now exists in over 100 countries!

Our Clubs

Check out the clubs you can come to, either as ninja or a volunteer.

All of our groups run at least monthly and are completely FREE! Please follow the instructions of the individual clubs to register a place, request equipment or any special requests you may have – everyone is welcome. If you want to add your club please do get in touch!

coderdojo gateshead

Gateshead Central Library

Champion: Dani Walsh // Jacqui Thompson

2nd Saturdays of the month:: 10:30am – 12:30pm


Whessoe Parish Hall

Champion: Nathan Myers

1st Fridays of the month:: 4:30pm – 6:30pm

Durham clayport library Coderdojo

Durham Clayport Library

Champion: Paul Savage

3rd Saturdays of the month: 10am – 12pm


Bishop Auckland Town hALL

Usual events: on the first Saturday of every month. 14:00 – 16:00

Whilst we have you…be a STEM Ambassador for the North East!

Latest news

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